Tax Relief

Tax Relief on Donations

If you are a PAYE taxpayer, you can make your donation to the Irish Osteoporosis Society stretch even further. We can claim back tax on gifts at the donor's highest rate of income tax.

With the government's scheme of tax relief, people who make a gift of over €250 in any given tax year will see their donation grow by as much as 72%.

So if you donate €250 in any one year, we can then claim back your tax at the end of the year, allowing your donation to grow to €430 if you are in the higher tax bracket, or €315 if you are in the lower bracket.

All you have to do is donate a minimum of €250 and fill out a simple form, which we will send you.

For more information: e-mail us at or view the Revenue's website.

You can also visit our secure online payment page to make a donation.

Note: Companies and self-employed people may register gifts to charities as tax-deductible expenses.